JKreative Media Team, Intl. (Videographer and Editor)

When choosing to work with JKreative Media Team, Intl., you are not just hiring a videographer, editor, or digital marketer. You are hiring creative partners. Jason Kritzberg, CEO and Founder of JKreative Media Team, Intl., is a connoisseur of digital media, a lover of art, and new technologies. Jason and his team will put their whole heart into each individual project and create the most spectacular image of you and your business - so you can continue to impress even the most demanding clients. We at JKreative Media Team, Intl., believe that preparation, communication, shared vision, and goals are the foundation of not only our business, but yours! We are ready to visually bring your business to life so you can succeed in this competitive field! We service Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and parts of Orange County. Upon request, our team will also service throughout the United States. Ready to visually bring your business or special event to life? Contact us today and mention the Maiden Community for an exclusive discount. I cannot wait to meet you all and help your business grow even further!

Please contact Jason Kritzberg via phone or email at info@jasonkritzberg.com to inquire about services!