Ariel Hoffman Wellness (Fitness + Nutrition)

Highly recognized within the health and fitness world, Ariel has been a certified fitness professional and health coach since 2007. Since then and with over 15 years of experience working one on one with a wide variety of clientele, as well as teaching group classes, Ariel has transformed thousands of clients. She helps clients with losing weight, building strength, increasing energy and performance, and reaching other personal health goals achieved through a hybrid of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle behavior. Her coaching facilitates action and provides clients with a framework that supports and guides them along the way, empowering them to make long term lifestyle changes. Her coaching style strikes the perfect balance between striving for excellence and being compassionate. She pushes when necessary, and provides encouragement and support along the way, while always helping you find the joy. Ariel will guide you to find your way to success in the most effective, balanced, and healthy way possible. She tailors her programs to individuals and her expertise allows programming to be adapted to all fitness levels, and can provide additional support for those with injuries, recovering from injuries, or dealing with difficult postpartum recovery. Ariel’s lifetime roster of clientele includes celebrity clients; Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmy Rossum, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Sofia Vergara, and several other Emmy award winners, Oscar award winners, Grammy award winning artists, and elite athletes.

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