Breakthrough Strength & Fitness (Training Studio)

Our mission is to help people improve their lives by building strength of body, mind, character and spirit. We’ve seen it too many times to have any doubt that when you feel better about your health and fitness, you feel better about other aspects of your life. When you feel physically stronger, you feel stronger mentally and emotionally as well. We are a team of coaches committed to delivering expert instruction and detailed programming to keep you safe, challenged and getting results - and having fun at the same time! We love learning, sharing and growing, and we love seeing our members learn, share and grow too. When you join us at Breakthrough, whether in person or as a remote coaching member, you will become a part of a team where people of a wide variety of ages, physical abilities and backgrounds train together and support each other in becoming the best versions of themselves. You will be welcomed into a community of people who are living examples of Breakthrough's motto to "celebrate the strength in us all!"

20855 Ventura Blvd., Suite 8, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 (In Ventura Connection)